Promo Kits

Have you got a special event or an item that needs promotion, but require something extra that will give you that tangible edge? Why not try our promotional kits. Our hand-held promo kits are pre-packaged sets of materials that provide information about you, your company or event that are distributed for promotional use. The goal of these kits are the same as other marketing that a company does. It should grab the reader's attention, make a lasting impression and create enough interest that they will either contact you for more information or take action. Depending on your chosen industry, our promo kits may be used as miniaturized media kits and portfolios or sample packs. They come in three different configurations (Pocket Folder, Envelope Folder and Booklet-Sleeve) that suit your promotional needs. Our promo kits are customized and tailored to fit you and are made to give your audience something tangible so that they can hold on to. There’s no right or wrong way to make a promo kit. It’s all about your vision and providing a visual representation of who you are.

Because most people prefer to receive an digital version of promotional kits, they would be surprised to receive something tangible in conjunction with on-line material. By combining both print and digital methods of promotion, your information is more likely retained and remembered. Our promo kits are meant to act as silent sales persons and to be presented as leave behinds. They are very functional and practical as they can include small product sampling and coupons insertions. So when it comes to your promotional needs, choose our customized promo kits today.