Project Details

Step: 1. Download & Complete

The first step is getting to know you and your audience. To help speed up the creative process we developed fillable PDFs to help clarify and identify your audience, marketing messaging and design requirements. By downloading and filling out the pdfs below, we review your anwsers and design your unique promotional materials right away.

Step: 2. Zip Files Into Folder

The second step is zipping your files into a folder. After completing and saving your PDFs, they need to be zipped into a folder to ensure that we receive every form required for the job. Your zipped folder MUST be named with your full name on it. If you're unable to zip your files, you may need to individually name each file with your full name.

Step: 3. File Upload

The third step in getting your project underway is uploading your completed forms to us, using our uploader tool. Just enter your transaction ID number, and upload your zipped folder containing your completed pdfs with any documentation that will help with the project (body copy with selectable text, links, and other design assets.) Upload instructions are listed below.

Form Download//

Downloadable forms
These fillable PDFs will help determine the tone and execution of your advertising piece. Just download, open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, fill them out and upload them using the upload tool below. Remember to fill in your transaction ID number.
Creative Strategy*
Project Content*
Print Questionnaire
Web Questionnaire
SEO Form
Artwork Approval*

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click here to install.

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