Project Details

Welcome to our project details page. Here you will find the beginning steps to getting your project designed. To get started we need to know your design problem. We identify your audience, marketing messaging and determine proper design requirements for the job. You will also have the chance to submit any supporting documentation that will help with the job. This includes content, call‑to‑action statements and important info to get your message across to your audience.

Once your information and supporting docs are reviewed, design parameters are carefully chosen and your design begins to take shape. To help speed up the creative process, please fill out the creative strategy below. Remember that your answers will influence the overall look, tone and execution of your piece. And if you have any supporting documentation you can upload them using the uploader tool down below.

If you ordered any of our web development services, please fill out forms that are applicable for your project. The following forms will soon be available to submit: Web development and SEO services. These forms are also accessible throughout this page.

Creative Strategy - Getting To Know Your Audience

1. Creative Strategy//

A. Project Information //

What are you are promoting? What is the purpose of your publication? (Inform, motivate, persuade) What action(s) do you want your readers/viewers to take?
*Which audience category you are trying to reach?

* What should the tone and execution of the design look like?

Are there diagrams, charts or maps to be included in the artwork? If so, indicate them. What are the most important points to be communicated? Identify key words or phrases that summarizes your material.
B. Client Information //

* Client Name: *Project Number:

File Upload Tool - Content And Other Supporting Documents.

2. File Upload//