Envelope Folders
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Need a promotional piece that is small, compact but also has additional room for small sampling pieces? Try our unique envelope folder. Its functional design comes with a side pocket and sealable flap. If your product is small enough, a product sample is a great insertion piece that can give potential customers the chance to sample your product. While being a modified variant of the original pocket folder, the envelope folder does include the standard 2-sided panel for advertising coverage on the front and rear sides to promote your product and service offerings.

If holding a demonstration at a tradeshow, include information about your product or service inside the envelope folder. It's an easy way to leave information with people while showing your product in action. When in need of presenting something slick, why not arm yourself with our envelope folder.

    Product Specifications:
  • High-res digital files
  • Artwork contains die-cuts and folds
  • Recommended paper: Sturdy 80lbs high gloss
  • Finish size: 3.5" x 2.5"
  • Includes 1 initial design with 2 revisions
  • *Additional charges apply for revisions past the first 2

Priced at:
Yet to be determined.

Envelope Kits

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