Creative Process

1. Getting Started

The first step is getting to know you and the design problem we’ll be helping you with. After placing an order, you will be automatically redirected to our project details page. There you will find an online creative strategy form to fill out and submit. This form contains specific questions to help us determine your design needs and help us formulate the tone and execution of your project. By doing this we identify your project requirements and determine how can they be met.

2. File Upload

After submitting the form you need to send us your content using our simple uploader tool. Just enter your Transaction ID number, and upload any documentation that you feel will help with the project (body copy with selectable text, links, and other design assets.) If you experience difficulties, simply email your supporting documents to with your Transaction ID number in the subject line.

3. Project Assessment & Review

Your content and supporting documentation are extensively reviewed. Based on what was written, the project requirements and parameters are carefully chosen. The design assets are gathered like stock photography, body copy, call to action statements, and important contact info about the product, event or subject being advertised.

4. Initial Design

After the creative direction is chosen we explore design, and your brand experience begins to take shape. We try really hard to illustrate the benefits of what you're promoting and provide custom made material to help you reach your audience and deliver your message.

5. Design Reviews

As we begin the process the first initial design is developed. There will be some back and forth to get exactly what you want. To track the progress of your project simply use our job tracking tool. Just enter your Transaction ID number and you will quickly see the exact stage of your project. Design reviews generally happen online and display various ideas in the creative design process. The designs will look polished, but are preliminary concepts that will be further refined.

6. Final Output

Once the final design is approved, high-res artwork is prepared for final output. Approved designs are finally sent electronically by FTP for download. They are set up for press containing crop marks, bleeds and die cuts. Depending on the type of product chosen; scoring, cutting, and assembly might be required at your local printer. You will be notified, by email, when your product is ready for digital download. If your product is web-based, digital files will be available for download. Because of the nature of products offered, lead time varies.