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Are you a business owner trying to establish your corporate brand identity? Then there's a good chance that your corporate logo will be used in a variety of media. It might be printed, faxed, and electronically reproduced. Therefore to ensure that your corporate logo is effective across all mediums, you can equip yourself with our Corporate ID Package.

Our premium corporate logo package is a bundled set that includes full color, grayscale and web logo variants. If your logo is printed on promotional pieces it needs to be in full colour. If your logo is faxed it needs to be grayscaled so that it is easily read in black & white and in reverse. If your logo is displayed on the web, it has to be optimized and rendered at the right resolution to appear clean and sharp. Select our corporate logo package and get your complete corporate identity started today.

    Product Features:
  • Print-based: EPS, PDF and JPEG files at 300 dpi
  • Grayscale: EPS, PDF, JPEG files at 300 dpi
  • Web-based: SVG and PNG files
  • Complete Corporate Identity set
  • Logo set zipped and sent electronically
  • Includes 6 initial concept designs with 6 revisions
  • *Additional charges apply for revisions past the first 6

  • Priced at:
    Yet to be determined.

    Corporate ID

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