パンフレット カタログ
Product In Development

Are you a business owner, a musician, or an artist? With today's competitive industries, it's important to have a portfolio to showcase and highlight your products or best pieces of work. Why not stand out and use our hand-held booklet & sleeve. The booklet & sleeve is designed to pack a lot of information in its small and compact form. It allows you to display information in booklet form and acts as a miniaturized portfolio. It can easily be reconfigured to suit your promotional needs and is especially beneficial for photographers, fashion designers, artists, and anyone who cannot carry examples of their work with them.

While being small and compact, information on it can easily lead to your digital portfolio, website and social media channels. Don't be grouped into those who use traditional means to display their lines of work. Use our hand-held booklet & sleeve and get noticed today.

    Product Specifications:
  • High-res digital files
  • Artwork contains die-cuts and folds
  • Recommended paper: Sturdy 80lbs high gloss
  • Booklets are 6 to 12 pages
  • Includes 1 initial design with 3 revisions
  • *Additional charges apply for revisions past the first 3

Starting from:
Yet to be determined.


Select the number of sleeved booklets designs you would like to order.